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GLO bands


GLO Bands are our custom high quality resistance bands.



J’rai Hammond’s love for athletics drove her passion for health and fitness. Growing up, J’rai was an active kid, always involved in sports and school. When J’rai was 13, she began studying ballet, compared to mast formally trained dancers 13 was considered a late start. For J’rai to keep up, she had to double down her efforts. She would eventually go on to the University of North Carolina School of Arts School of Dance.

FITNESS Programs

Customized result based fitness programs.

Body Toning

Sculpt and define through a series of high intensity interval training and weight training. 

Weight Loss

A fat burning program focusing on nutrition, cardio, and streagnth training for long lasting weight loss.  


The new fabric resistance GLO Bands are designed to give you a full body workout with or without gym equipment. The light weight GLO Bands are easy to travel with and come with anti-slip technology available in 3 levels: light, medium, and heavy.


“J’rai, of get up & glo, was my first personal trainer. I had no idea what i was doing in the gym and she changed that completely. She guided me with her positive and beautiful spirit but also knew when to give me some tough love. She kicked my butt and I’m so thankful! I’m an actor and I would recommend her for anyone in the entertainment industry. She was flexible and would switch up work out plans and meal plans for each audition or role. I love GETUPANDGLO! “ Blaine




3 GLO BANDS for $60