10 Reasons Why I Became Vegan!

10 Reasons Why I Became Vegan

Growing up as a child I ate meat because it was accessible to me and my family ate it! It was not until I watched a video on Peta called “Meet You Meat” when I realized how unhealthy this was for my body. My parents were showing me this video so I would stop eating McDonalds so much, but little did they know this would change me forever!!!! I was only 10 yrs old when I was exposed to this video and I made the decision then that I was going to become pescatarian. I knew that I would love to become vegan, but I just did not understand fully what that meant and I figured I would do that when I was “grown” or “old enough”.

As I was dancing in New York City I attended a vegan festival and I had the opportunity to try many different vegan restaurants. This truly inspired me and I decided that after being pescaterian for 10 yrs I was ready to take things to the next level! I was fortunate to have a mentor and/or coach hold my hand through this, my Aunt Dina who is a nutritionist. I was very blessed and grateful to have her guide me through the proper foods I should be eating and what brands to purchase.

I wanted to feel better! When I was able to cut back on meat and dairy products, I noticed that my gut felt better and it was a lot easier to maintain a toned stomach. For some lactose can be very hard for the body to digest and easily cause bloating and gas. I personally have never been told that I was lactose and tolerant, however I did notice that my stomach does not feel bloated and I do not feel heavy after eating a meal.

To live a longer, healthier, and happier life! When I became knowledgeable of how animals are killed in slaughterhouses and how they are treated throughout the entire process a lot became clear to me. These animals are under a lot of stress and unruly conditions and treated poorly, slammed on the ground and thrown into trucks and packed on top of each other. Steroids are used to make meats bigger and due to the conditions of the slaughterhouses and fear within the animals stress hormones are in the meat causing heart disease and other health conditions for us humans. This is what the FDA approves for us to eat!!!!

Be the solution to ending world hunger! Veganism can save the planet in so many amazing ways and combating world hunger is just one. Farmed animals are fed so many nutritious grains, if these nutrients were fed to humans instead, world hunger will end.

Help people have clean fresh water! Hundreds of millions of people do not even have access to clean water and veganism can help solve this problem. Livestock take up a lot of fresh water, and the more livestock that is replaced by plants the more water we will have!

To help save the environment! It is a long process to get meat from the slaughterhouse to your kitchen table and by eliminating meat out of your diet you can help save energy. If we just think of meats having to be shipped and refrigerated alone and how much energy goes into that… it is a lot! Animals also consume a lot of food that is cultivated on land that can be put to use for other things.

STOP eating a lot of fast food and junk! When you change your lifestyle and become plant based you quickly realize that your options on the fast food menu are slim to none. This can be very beneficial when trying to lose weight and tone up because you are positioned to choose healthier foods. If you think about it… if everybody went vegan would fast food even exist as it is today?????

Consume less empty calories and more nutritious whole foods! Most snacks and brands that are not plant based tend to have a lot more empty calories in them such as cake, cookies, candy, and margarine and as a result more sugar is being consumed. By changing your lifestyle to a plant based diet you are more likely to consume more whole foods ie. fruits and vegetables.

Perform better in daily activities, workouts, and more! By replacing cakes, pizza, wings, and burgers with more nutritious whole foods you will start to see and feel changes. Not only is a plant based diet a great way to lose weight, but it is also a way for your body to increase in energy and performance. By making sure to consume a balanced amount of proteins, carbs, veggies, and fats with a plant based diet you will feel and perform at 100%.

Have a better BO, smell better! Meat is hard for our body to digest and it also leaves residue in our intestines during the digestive process. As a result of your body working harder to digest meat your sweat glands respond and cause an increase of perspiration. Vegans tend to eat more leafy greens which contain chlorophyll which helps fight bad body order.

Save the animals and #GLO Vegan! Last but NOT least, animal cruelty is a REAL thing. It is extremely sad to witness what these animals go through on a daily basis. These animals are being tortured and treated as if they have no families or feelings just to be served at fancy restaurants and your dinner table. Going vegan is not easy and in order to make this lifestyle change you must be selfless and think about those animals that are being slaughtered each day and how you can help save them!


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