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Get Up and Glo is a fitness apparel & accessories brand, online retailer, and personal training company that is based in the United States supported by our local and international personally trained clients and customers.


J’rai Hammond’s love for athletics drove her passion for health and fitness. Growing up, J’rai was an active kid, always involved in sports and school. When J’rai was 13, she began studying ballet, compared to most formally trained dancers 13 was considered a late start. For J’rai to keep up, she had to double down her efforts. She would eventually got accepted to the University of North Carolina School of Arts School of Dance.

The summer before J’rai left home to begin her studies; she began to develop her strength and conditioning programs to keep her in tip-top shape for dancing. Little did J’rai know, this was only the beginning of her prosperous career in health and fitness.

J’rai hit the ground running before she knew it she was dancing as a Professional Division Scholarship Student at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. In the midst of her riding high and achieving all the things that most dancers dream of, a devastating injury struck, J’rai tore her labrum in her hip. She painfully finished the program and went back to UNCSA to complete her 3rd year of college. After weeks of physical therapy, J’rai received her MRI results and was told that she needed surgery to repair a large tear in her labrum. The doctors were stunned at the musculature of her glutes and said that her strength was the only reason why she was able to dance with a tear that big without dislocating her hip.

As many people may have viewed this as a setback, this was precisely what J’rai needed! J’rai was able to take time out of the studio and become an ACE certified personal trainer and also continued to graduate with a BFA in dance from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.

“I believe that to Get Up and Glo is to wake up each day and be the best YOU!” – J’Rai

J’rai aspires to motivate all walks of life through her Get Up and Glo movement and brand. She believes that to Get Up and Glo means to wake up each day and be the best YOU! Every day that you wake up is a chance to Get Up and Glo and become closer to your health and fitness goals! #GETUPANDGLO


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Real People. Real Results.

Our Community

Our clients and customers of athletes, artist, and ambitious individuals around the globe represent what it means to be a light in the world and “GLO”. We are individuals that believe that it is ok to rest, but quitting is never an option.


Negative energy needs a response to be effective, positive energy motivates a response that is effective. With one movement, one pulse, together we create a global “GLO”.


Everything that we do and that we stand for is geared towards health and wellness from the inside out. It is our passion to bring both mental and physical health awareness to our community and help individuals achieve their health and fitness goals from the inside out..


Productivity is a must, movement is life! We live, breathe, and dream movement and it motivates our passion for fitness and health. We believe that without movement we are nothing because movement perpetuates good blood flow, therefore we propel individuals both in our community and globally to stay active!

“J’rai, of get up & glo, was my first personal trainer. I had no idea what i was doing in the gym and she changed that completely. She guided me with her positive and beautiful spirit but also knew when to give me some tough love. She kicked my butt and I’m so thankful! I’m an actor and I would recommend her for anyone in the entertainment industry. She was flexible and would switch up work out plans and meal plans for each audition or role. I love GETUPANDGLO! “




How long will it take me to lose weight?

A healthy goal would be 1-2lbs per week, and 4-8lbs per month. We are all different so some people may lose weight faster than others, which is why it is important to build muscle. Muscle burns calories at rest, so if you build 10lbs of muscle that burns 500 calories at rest. With building 10lbs of muscle your body will burn an extra 3,500 calories at rest a week which equals 1lb!!! The goal is to lose fat and build muscle in order to speed up your metabolism.

What should I eat/ not eat?

I am a true believer in lifestyle NOT diet!!! Eating healthy on the go can be a challenge, which is why I offer meal prep services! It is important that you understand what works best for your body and what foods to combine and when to eat throughout the day. You generally want to combine carbs and proteins with each meal and combine fats with protein and vegetables. It is important that we nourish the body with nutritious whole foods!

Why should you become apart of Team GLO?

Get Up and Glo creates results based programs centered around your personal goals. Glo clients are welcomed into a positive energetic atmosphere that not only promotes physical health, but also mental health. Get Up and Glo is not just about the outside appearance of the body, but we are a team that believes that health comes from the inside out! Each session is designed to propel you closer to your results. Connect with me if you are looking for real results and real accountability!

Should I lift weights if I want to lose weight?

It is important that we remember the key to successfully losing weight and keeping it off is 1. nutrition 2. cardio 3. strength training!!! Yes, strength training should be apart of your routine to lose weight. We want to do cardio to burn calories and strength train to build muscle and speed up your metabolism.

How do I build strength?

Building strength can be done by weight training and also through calisthenics. When working on building strength each targeted muscle group must be fatigued and then it is best to give it time to recover. Strength training requires you to give each muscle group rest and food in order to recover and target it harder the next session!

How often should I switch up my workout routine?

Our bodies are very smart and it is imperative that you switch up your routine in order to see results! Get Up and Glo clients are constantly being challenged each session because it is important that you reach your goals in your results based program! There are a variety of tools that are used in each session in order to switch up your routine such as: drop sets, super sets, negatives, range of motion, new exercises, and tempo change.