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  • Squat thrust
  • Lunges
  • Lateral leg raises
  • Push-ups
  • Planks
  • Fire-hydrants
  • Clam Shells
  • Bicycles
  • Bear Crawls
  • Hip Thrust
  • Ladder Drills



The new fabric resistance GLO Bands are designed to give you a full body workout with or without gym equipment. The light weight GLO Bands are easy to travel with and come with anti-slip technology available in 3 levels: light, medium, and heavy.


Initiation Fee


“I believe that to Get Up and Glo is to wake up each day and be the best YOU.”


Everything that we do and that we stand for is geared towards health and wellness from the inside out. It is our passion to bring both mental and physical health awareness to our community and help individuals achieve their health and fitness goals from the inside out.


Negative energy needs a response to be effective, positive energy motivates a response that is effective. With one movement, one pulse, together we create a global “GLO”.


Productivity is a must, movement is life! We live, breathe, and dream movement and it motivates our passion for fitness and health. We believe that without movement we are nothing because movement perpetuates good blood flow, therefore we propel individuals both in our community and globally to stay active!


Started end of 2017 until  June 2018  I came to a point in life back in 2017 where I was not myself. I was at my highest weight ever and I was stuck. I saw that a previous co-worker and my stylist were working out with J’rai and it was laid on my heart to reach out and just ask her how to get started. Well fast forward to late 2017 I started attending private training sessions with J’rai. It was hard for me..I cried but I continued to push. I had excuses and J’rai told me one day: THE HARDEST PART IS MAKING IT TO THE SESSION, that has stuck with me since and once I got there, those hour sessions seemed like 5 minutes. While working with J’rai not only did I train for weight loss but she even helped me with my eating habits, calorie counts, how to read the nutritional labels on foods and the importance of eating healthy. She developed plans for me to complete at home and also accommodated me with my schedule and even let me bring my daughter to some of my sessions! Get Up and GlO tackled my life as a whole, not only did I work on weight loss but I worked on my mind, spirit, confidence, my character and my environment.  So since 2017, I have worked out with J’rai, started eating healthier, lost 45 pounds and I see myself more beautiful than ever. It was not a easy journey I wasn’t very consistent in the beginning but even after J’rai grew her business and moved to Atlanta, we keep in contact she makes sure that I am okay, she encourages me still. We built a bond through her Get Up and Glo movement and I am so blessed to have come across J’rai and to get started on my lifestyle change. I always ask J’rai, when is she coming back to NC!!! 😂
Ashley Peoples